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I still remember the first time I saw an ironworker forge two pieces
of steel into one. The sparks, the noise, and the heat all became a symphony of creation. 

Somewhere in the midst of all the heat, dust, and noise, I found an
outlet for my craftsmanship and imagination.

I have assembled a unique collection of new, vintage, and custom
made tools to aid me in my work.  This allows me to work in the time
tested old style methods, all the while incorporating the freedom of
creativity allowed by modern techniques. I consider myself a modern
blacksmith, celebrating the old and embracing the new.  

In today’s world of mass produced, machine made products there is a
craving for custom designed and hand crafted works which embraces
quality and craftsmanship. My handmade objects appeal to those
looking for something truly unique.

In nature we can see fantastic designs, the perfect blending of beauty
and function.  Our world is full of great natural art. We just need to
take time to see it.

As an artist I take pride in making pieces which do not attempt to
replicate nature but rather reflect its essence.  The fluid forms of nature
are my inspiration. I work to reflect them in each piece I create.

Knowing I am creating one of a kind pieces, which blends beauty and
function, is what makes the work worthwhile.

I hope you share in that feeling when you see my work.

Steve Zawistowski
Stephen Z Metal Designs inc.

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